My Self-Pub Journey

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Regardless if you self-pub or not, you will be responsible for the marketing of your book.

That was one of the most depressing things I discovered as a new author. I naively believed that once I wrote an amazing story my publisher would take care of the rest. Unfortunately, unless you are an A-list client, the marketing of your story rests upon your shoulders. If I swore, I would probably drop a stronger phrasing of “dang it” right now.

OK, so we have to market our books, how do we do it? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but writing isn’t exactly a social activity. But, to sell books, we have to be social. Dang it!

Alright, I just ate a batch of cookie dough and now I’ve accepted the fact that I must not only write, but I must learn how to market. That’s what this series on my blog is going to be dedicated to. I recently came off the fence and decided self-publishing was for me. There were a number of things that influenced my decision, but the fact that I was responsible for marketing my book with or without a publisher was the deciding factor.

As I progress along the road of self-publishing I will share what I learn along the way. I’d love to hear your feedback about what has worked for you or what has failed. Also, I’m open to new ideas about marketing.

Without further ado, I welcome you My Self-Pub Journey. Let’s do this, dang it!

Step 1: Claim Your Domain
-Where do I begin? Create a Blog and Claim Your Domain

Step 2: Build an Email List (coming soon)
-What is an email list and why is it important?
-Creating a budget friendly marketing campaign using welcome and follow-up emails.
-Begin your campaign.

Why a Blog?


We hear it all the time, set up a blog. And we think, that’s all nice and fun, but I’ve got nothing to say. That, I have learned, is a big fat lie. We are writers, we have a ton to say.

But why is a blog so important to a writer? The answer is, platform.

Platform is a word we hear thrown around all the time in the writing world. A platform is a basically how you let the world know about you. It’s a base you stand on and say, “This is me. Read what I have to write. You’ll like it, I promise.”

There area a thousand ways to promote your work on social media, but before you head into the world of Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, you MUST start a blog and here’s why. A blog is a landing point for all of your fans. Your social media accounts should lead people to your blog. Your blog is your home and your social media accounts are the road signs directing people so they don’t get lost trying to find the party.

You don’t have to be some computer whiz to start a blog. Go to and get started. You can find tuturiols all over the web about how to create a blog. I personaly prefer WordPress. I’ve used Blogger in the past but WordPress allows a little more freedom, which I like.

Things to consider when starting a blog:

  1. Responsive Program: Choose a program that is responsive, meaning it’s formated to work with a cell phone. WordPress is reponsive.
  2. About You: Create your “about” section first. Then consider what you’ll blog about. You don’t have to blog right away, just get your site set up and your posts will come to you.
  3. Use Pictures: Always use a high-quality picture with each post and put it at the top of your post. Posts with pictures get read more than posts without pictures.
  4. Be Human: Show Don’t Tell.
  5. Have Fun: It’s a big world and there are millions of blogs out there. Don’t worry about followers just play with it for a while and make your mistakes when you don’t have anyone watching. When you feel like you’ve got it figured out, begin promoting your site.
  6. Publishing Options: WordPress has a few options I always like to use before I publish a post: “Sharing” & “More Options.” I will cover how to use these options in a future post.
  7. Keep People Reading Your Blog: In a later post I will discuss how to use links to keep people reading your blog, or how to link people to resources you want to recommend.

That about covers it for now. Go out and create your blog. If you would like, go ahead and post a link to your blog in the comments below. And feel free to share other tips you might have.